Ring Tyre Inflator RAC610

This Ring Tyre Inflator 610 was a replacement for my foot push which can be kept in the back of the car. Good and user friendly and from what I could inform, it's very accurate. This was being offered and we went for it. Really loud when used, but simple to use, with a screw on valve connector. Planning from 0.7 to 2psi needed a couple of minutes. Read more about Ring Tyre Inflator Ring Rac635 Review

Therefore for me, this was a life saver. When you have more to pay on anything more substantial then do it. for the purchase price range this is however decent value for money. Construction clever, it's light and a little lightweight feeling. Nevertheless it's perhaps not let us down or failed in anyhow at all. We hold it in the start as it's perhaps not big and will probably be a keeping acceptance again at some point. The cable could have been longer - I possibly could just about obtain it to achieve all four tyres from usually the one light outlet but it was very tight. Read about common Ring tyre inflator problems RTC1000


I'd guide all vehicle owners to own anything similar to this in the engine at all time, combined with normal kit. The switch is really small therefore can not be specific, but it's undoubtedly good enough to get free from a problem. I simply feel an electronic option will be more exact as it pertains to readying, as the hook wobbles. It does get the work done and we don't plan on upgrading any time soon. Find latest price here.


This device is lightweight,simple to store,very simple to use,looks sturdily built,and does the work very well. If you had been deploying it to only always check and maintain your tyre difficulties without any holes, it is going to be adequate. Watch the following ring tyre inflator video.